As a Real Estate professional , my reputation and service to my clients is very important to me. I service a variety of clients including the following:

-- Buyers                                   --Selllers                                  -- Relocation Clients 

-- Clients who need to sell and buy at the same time                                   -- Leases and Other Services

Each of these client catergories requires a different level of expertise from a professional REALTOR®, such as myself.  As you can see from the testimonals below,  my clients are more than pleased with my services and have taken the time to provide me with testimonials.  Please take a moment to review their comments below.  You may also check out my Professional Recommendations on Linked In

Sandy Scallan, REALTOR®  

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Testimonials from Buyers 

We can honestly say you are the BEST REALTOR we have ever had ---- in our LIFETIME!!!

Craig Burt and Kippie Condit

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Sandy Scallan – The Gold Standard in Realty – Part 2

I have both bought and sold a house with the aid of Sandy Scallan of Villar and Co. Real- Estate.  I can assure you that there are few if any real-estate agents in Southern Louisiana that can match her experience, knowledge, qualifications, and commitment to her clients.  If you have plans for buying or selling a house in Baton Rouge or the surrounding areas, Sandy Scallan of Villar and Co. Real-Estate should be your first choice for representation.  She will always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

I had the good fortune to purchase my first house with the aide of Sandy Scallan of Villar and Co. Real Estate (see and my first testimonial on her website).

She made the experience of buying a home very pleasant and educational for which I will be forever grateful.  I put my heart and soul into making it a home and Sandy was always there with helpful tips, contacts, and support.  After several wonderful years, I had to relocate to accept a new position with my company.  I immediately contacted Sandy to discuss putting my house on the market.  She knew exactly how much time, effort and care I put into my house, and therefore, knew the true value of the property to me as a client.  I had no doubt that I could rely on her to help me sell my house for a price and terms that were in my best interests.  Over the next few months, Sandy again demonstrated to me why she is one of the best agents in the state of Louisiana.

I contacted Sandy to discuss my options regarding selling my house when I was required to relocate for my job in a very short period of time.  She walked me through the whole process in the same manner as she did when I was a first-time home buyer, explaining timing, staging, contracts and the fine details that come with selling a house.  We identified that, based on the season and the market at the time, selling was not in my best interest.  She suggested I consider renting the property to allow for conditions to improve.  While I was rather wary of renting the house I had worked so hard on, we agreed that it was the best option if we could find a trustworthy person to take good care of the property.  Sandy made a few calls and put me in contact with a truly wonderful woman and her family.  We agreed that the family would reside in the house for a reasonable rent and take care of the property until conditions for sale improved.  I was then free to move on and start again in someplace new while leaving my house in good hands.  It was a wonderful arrangement, and I’m still thankful for their care and friendship.

Sometime later, Sandy contacted me to let me know that the housing market had improved and asked that we take some time to consider if I wanted to sell my house.  Given that I was in another state and unable to assess the conditions in the area, Sandy always stayed in touch with helpful information.  We discussed the recent developments and sales in the area that could potentially influence my decision as well as the pros and cons regarding house sales.  In the end, I finally chose to put the house up for sale and asked that Sandy be my agent.  Sandy immediately initiated the legal paper work, which she knew by heart, while helping me determine a selling price based on the features of my house and a window for the sale.  She kept me informed via phone or email of everything from the financial paper work to the recommended changes that would help improve the appeal of the house to potential buyers.  She staged the house in such a professional manner that I hardly recognized the place when I took a tour.  I actually questioned my decision on whether I wanted to sell!  If anyone is looking for an agent who can prepare a house and the client for sale, Sandy is the agent for you.

We had a couple of prospective buyers in the first two to three weeks but no solid offers.  Sandy and I discussed what might be affecting their decisions and what we could do to change their views.  After several more weeks, we finally got an offer from a realtor and his client in New Orleans, LA.  Sandy shepherded the deal for over four weeks, preparing counter offers, discussing details, helping the buyer’s agent with the paper work, negotiating what was to remain with the property and what was to be sold.  It was quite an ordeal and it took its toll on both parties.  At one point, Sandy fell terribly ill and was hospitalized.  Never one to let things like illness slow her down, she and her team maintained contact with all parties and ensured that the sale would continue moving forward.  After some serious negotiating on both parts, we all finally agreed on a figure.  On a sunny day in August, Sandy and I met with the buyers to sign the papers and collect a sizable check for the sale of my first home.  We celebrated a positive end to a long and difficult sale.  There were potential issues that could have stalled the process at any point but the sale went through with minimal problems thanks to Sandy and her team.  Both the buyer and I were very happy with the transaction.

I can honestly say that, after twice engaging her services, Sandy Scallan of Villar and Co. Real Estate is one of the best real estate agents a client could have.  I can only hope of finding someone who is as knowledgeable, resourceful, and committed like her to help me find my next home.  Sandy, you were the spirit of inspiration, voice of reason, and beating heart behind both the purchase and sale of my house.  I will be forever grateful that you were there for me as both my agent and my friend.

Michael Morimoto, Houston, TX

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​We had a GREAT experience purchasing our first home with Sandy Scallan!!  She knows the real estate market very well and was always available to talk/meet with us.  She is also very knowledgeable in the construction field which was extremely helpful in determining the quality of the houses we were looking at.  She was very patient with us and determined to help us find the perfect home no matter how many we had to search through.  We would DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone we know.
Dustin and Ashley

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We want to than Ms. Sandy Scallan for and AWESOME JOB in assisting in the purchase of our home.  You are truly the "BEST".  We thought this would have been a long and stressful process, however, you made sure everything went smoothly.  You were on top of EVERYTHING!.  We couldn't have asked for a better agent.  You are a person who is trustworthy and knowledgeable.  We are arlready telling everyone what an awesome job you did working with us!!  Thanks again.
Leroy and Danisha Jones


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Dear Sandy Scallan:


I want to express my sincere gratitude to VILLAR REAL ESTATE, and specially to you, SANDY SCALLAN,  because thanks to your efficiency and enthusiasm we could find the house of our dreams. Your help was specially efficient and personalized to obtain the financing and a happy ending to the negotiations, We always felt protected and in good hands knowing that you were looking for the best conditions and taking care of our interest to obtain the best outcome in the closing.

It will be our real pleasure to recommend your agency and you in particular, to our acquaintances and friends.Thank you very much Mrs. Sandy for your friendly and thoughtful help,

Martin and Maritza Velasquez

* * * * * *

Some real  estate agents show  you houses, and some real estate agents show you the house you will love, live in and call home.   That is Sandy.  Patience like I have never known.  Buying a home is a stressful time and most people go thru stages --- then reality sets in.  Next, they hate everything and will never find that home they love.  And then it happens --- that one special house you love.!!!   Sandy is there to make that road as smooth as possible .  When you think it -- it is done.  She arranges the financing and just makes it so worry-free.  If you have to make changes --- she has already done it.  Whatever is broken, she has it fixed.  Need something, she knows someone that does all that.  AMAZING!!        

I cannot say enough about my experience with Sandy.  I kept my right mind and was totally pleased in the end.  You cannot go wrong with Sandy.  I cannot say enough. She never lost her patience with us and just did what we asked.  I CANNOT THANK HER ENOUGH FOR ALL SHE DID FOR US!!!1

From the both of us:

Maggie Edwards and Jerry Hendry

* * * * * *

Ms. Sandy is “THE BEST” Real Estate Agent that I ever met!!!  I couldn’t have asked for a better person.  I remember when I first met her.  My mom and I were looking at a house that Ms. Sandy was about to put up for sale, and the builder of the home introduced her to us.  Of course, I was a first time home buyer and she walked through every process with me.  She worked very hard at finding homes in my range and the location of where I wanted to be. 

She told me that it will be an ongoing process and don’t jump into signing a contract unless I knew I was sure about it.  One thing that I loved is that she told me about energy efficiency.  The location of my home is built to be energy efficient and I love it.  When we toured every home, we talked about every potential detail inside and out of the home. 

Ms. Sandy has a wonderful personality, very friendly, and is very knowledgeable in Real Estate.  She was there for me from the beginning ‘til the end of closing.  She met the whole family (mom, dad, sister, daughter, niece and grandmother).  She was not just my realtor but also a good friend.  When we talked business, she put on her business hat and if we were just talking, she took off the business cap and gave me advice that a friend would give.  Thanks Ms. Sandy for being who you are!!!

Chrishel Shelton


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We contacted Sandy Scallan to get some early information about finding a new home.  She connected us to a close friend of hers who made the mortgage process as painless as possible.  After only a couple of weeks of "shopping", Sandy knew us well enough that she found a home that matched exactly what we had been searching for.  Before we knew it, we had started and finished the whole process -- from our initial meeting with Sandy, to loan approval, to signing papers and moving in -- in less than two months!!  We couldn't have asked for a better experience for our family!!!

Julie and Chris

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After having a bad experience with my first real estate agent in the purchase of my first house, I was skeptical about getting another one when purchasing my second home.  My husband and I started looking for homes ourselves and came across Sandy Scallan in one of the homes we were looking in.  We talked to her and she made us feel comfortable and we had just met her.  

We decided to let Sandy Scallan find a home for us despite our previous experience with agents.  She just made us feel that secure and comfortable with her services. We believed in her so much, she sold our old house and helped us find our new one.

She was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the selling and buying process and went over and beyond to make sure the process was stress free for my husband and I. I would definitely recommend her to everyone and use her again if I needed to.  She still emails time to time to check up on us. 

With Sandy, you don’t get just and agent, you get a lifetime friend.  It was nothing but destiny that brought us to her and I am grateful for it.

Emanuel & Tara Andrus


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ms. Sandy,

I want to whole-heartedly say "Thank You" for making my first home a reality.  Even though there were stressful and scary times throughout this process, you have been there for me the entire time to ease me through it and make it fun. 

You have been professional and very reliable since day 1 of me telling you I was interested in looking at houses.  I truly appreciate all you've done and ever single question you've answered. 

Thanks you so much and I can't wait for you to see the "finished" product.

Kayla LaCaze



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"I was very excited to have Sandy as my real estate agent.  I was a first time clueless home buyer. Sandy went above and beyond to help me understand
the entire process of buying my first home.  Even when I was ready to give up,
she assured me that the right house would come along, and she was right.
I purchased my first home in the fall of 2007.  If it hadn't been for Sandy
I probably would not have had such an easy experience.  

From the offer to closing, she was in constant contact with me. 
Her knowledge of the Housing industry and Real Estate field is abundant. 
Sandy even took care of my home inspection while I was on vacation!  
I appreciate all the help that she provided to me and I know when I'm ready to buy my 2nd home that she will be more than willing to do it all over again with me."  

Jill Savoy
St. Amant

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

When we got the news that we had to relocate because my husband found a job out of state, we panicked. We were especially concerned about showing our home in a way that would attract a perfect buyer while we were far away—

What luck we had when a friend referred us to Sandy Scallan! Her experience and care-full attention to the details--from the paper work to the staging of the house with her own store of perfectly suited furniture--sold the house quickly. Sandy's confidence and knowledge of the market, even in that very first meeting with her, helped ease our anxieties.


At every stage of the process, she was available whenever we needed her (even once while she was at Disney with her family). Sandy promptly answered all our questions and kept us informed at every stage in the process. Within two weeks of our moving, Sandy called to say we had a buyer. We closed in less than three weeks. And Sandy saw to every detail, including assuming power of attorney because we could not be there for the closing. She was our guide and support through a very stressful month. If only Sandy were here in our new surroundings to represent us as buyer's agent . . . Thank you, Sandy.  


Frank and Cherie Giampietro

Garden District, Baton Rouge


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

        I'm really proud to have met Sandy; she's such a wonderful lady.  She an "angel" with a beautiful smile and she bent over backward to help me sell my home and buy my new one.  She worked hard to get me what I wanted.  When I found the house I wanted, she was there with boxes for me to help me pack and move.  She's a very dedicated sales person and a wonderful friend.  Even when she had to be called to the hospital for her dad, she still kept on working for me.  If you're looking for a trustworthey REALTOR, you cant go wrong with her.  I hope all of you will choose her to sell your home of help you buy a new one.

Ms. Shirley G.

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My wife and were looking to build a new home and sell our old house. We had the pleasure of Sandy Scallan working with us in finding a new home very similar to the home we had in mind and the bonus is the home is in a peaceful safe golf community. This saved us construction time and placed us in the home before the holidays last year.

Two months after moving out of our old home we closed the sale of the home with Sandy's help. Sandy expertly guided the negotiation between the sellerand the buyers. In person or by phone, she was available anytime of the day to answer questions or concerns. If she did not have an answer to a question, she knew where and how to find the answer. We would recommend Sandy Scallan to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Dwayne and Karen Perron

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“When we were looking to sell our small Ascension Parish home and relocate to a larger home in Baton Rouge, Sandy met with us to assess our needs at our convenience. She was able to list our home that very night and sell it within its first week on the market. We also found a suitable home that met our search criteria and made an offer. 


Thirty days later, both deals were closed. The excellent contacts Sandy recommended made our process quite smooth. From the mortgage company to the inspector, Sandy led us to the right people.”

T. and M. Castleberry



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After having a bad experience with my first real estate agent in the purchase of my first house, I was skeptical about getting another one when purchasing my second home.  My husband and I started looking for homes ourselves and came across Sandy Scallan in one of the homes we were looking in.  We talked to her and she made us feel comfortable and we had just met her.  

We decided to let Sandy Scallan find a home for us despite our previous experience with agents.  She just made us feel that secure and comfortable with her services. We believed in her so much, she sold our old house and helped us find our new one.

She was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the selling and buying process and went over and beyond to make sure the process was stress free for my husband and I. I would definitely recommend her to everyone and use her again if I needed to.  She still emails time to time to check up on us. 

With Sandy, you don’t get just and agent, you get a lifetime friend.  It was nothing but destiny that brought us to her and I am grateful for it.

Emanuel & Tara Bazille

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"We relocated to Gonzales, LA from Houston, TX.  Sandy was extremely helpful to us in finding our dream home.  Most importantly, she cared enough to make sure that everything went smoothly from the time we wrote our purchase agreement to the final closing. 

We were particularly impressed with her attention to detail during our home inspection and her knowledge of building energy efficient homes.  Bottom line, there is no one that we would have trusted more than Sandy to handle our real estate transaction from long distance.  Sandy facilitated things without us having to be in town which made everything so easy for us.

Thank you again Sandy!"  

Alicia and Brian Williamson

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To whom it many Concern,

As a former relocation client, I am delighted to be asked as a reference for Sandy Scallan.

We recently moved to Ascension Parish as part of a corporate relocation. We had never been to this area before, and had to move into a house fast. We didn't know about the move until the last week of June, and had to get the kids enrolled in school by mid-July.  Sandy had her work cut out for her.


Having lived in a small town in the Midwest, we were completely unfamiliar with the housing market, schools, and traffic in the area. She asked all the right questions to determine which factors were important to us. She worked to understand our selection factors regarding house aesthetics, schools, proximity to work, price range, and neighborhood amenities.  

Knowing that we were in a hurry, Sandy gave us her undivided attention, returning calls immediately and following up promptly throughout the process. She helped ensure we were able to insure the house (Gustav was getting ready to be "named") by informing us  of the issues around getting insurance in the gulf coast area.

Throughout the process, Sandy went above and beyond to introduce us to the culture  and offerings of the Baton Rouge area. On the first day we met, she took the kids and I on a tour of the LSU campus, and regaled us with stories about the LSU football  and baseball traditions. She showed us places to shop, and explained how Ascension Parish is laid out. In short, she gave us a crash course on living in Baton Rouge and ensured that we understood the relevant factors to buying a house.

Sandy is professional, and highly motivated. At the same time, she is warm and friendly.  She made us feel comfortable, and we went out to eat with her during the process.  She introduced our children to Canes and DeAngelos, and now they're hooked. 

She inspired our trust at a very stressful time. Looking back (we've been in our  new house for a few months), I can see that she did a great job of figuring out what  we wanted and assisted us with the selections that best met our criteria. 


Carl Stumpe


 Review for Sandy Scallan – Villar and Company Real-Estate

Sandy Scallan – The Gold Standard in Realty

I was a first-time home buyer. I had reached the point where there was little cost-difference between renting and owning a house. I did the initial research (i.e., reading “Home Buying for Dummies”, assessing my financial situation, and monitoring the state of the housing market) to prepare but had little in the way of real experience. The shear magnitude and complexities of the process was very intimidating. I knew I needed help. I set out to find an experienced and reliable realtor who could help me find a home that I would be comfortable with for a price that I could afford.

I met Sandy Scallan of Villar and Co. Real-Estate through the EcoBrokers network. She came highly recommended based an impressive set of credentials (Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Seller Representative Specialist, GREEN Designation, CAPS Certified, National Home Builders Association Certified Green Profesional, Certified Eco-Broker) and, more importantly, an outstanding reputation. Her website provided me with additional information such her background, testimonials, and an assortment of helpful links and tools for the prospective homebuyer. I gave her a call and we set up a meeting to get acquainted.

Sandy and I met one summer afternoon to get acquainted and discuss the process of buying a house. Sandy was friendly, patient, and extraordinarily knowledgeable about Louisiana real-estate. Sandy told me before we even started looking that finding the right home was an on-going process. We identified what I was looking for in a future home by focusing on three primary criteria: location, construction, and price range. We used her extensive resources to identify several properties that fit my criteria and went about visiting each over the next several weeks.

We toured approximately twenty properties in all; ones we initially identified as potential matches and more that came available over the next two months. Sandy took this time to help me with everything from the financial paper work to home improvement and decoration ideas. She continually kept me informed of numerous available properties at came available. She worked to accommodate my busy work schedule. Sandy also made sure all documents and papers were in order to be ready for the signing. She has reliable contacts for everything a homebuyer could possibly need. Sandy was there day or night in case I had any questions or just needed a little support which, as a first-time homebuyer, was almost constant.

I must admit one of the most difficult parts about finding a house was seeing beyond the current state of each property. Sandy took note of my comments during each walk-through. We discussed what we both perceived as the pros and the cons of the property. She utilized each visit as a learning experience. Sandy took the time to help me see the potential in every room, closet, hallway, and backyard. She encouraged me to watch HGTV (which I highly recommend) every night for ideas. She explained what a huge impact simple little things like paint, lighting, and décor can have on the value of a home. These are extremely valuable tools to have when searching for hidden potential in a new home and Sandy is extremely adept at finding hidden potential.

The numerous walkthroughs and the constant refinement of my selection criteria finally yielded results. Sandy and I were able to narrow my options down to three properties: a new construction, an older home, and a repossessed house. The new construction was a beautiful blank slate. The older home was lovely and only needed a few touch-ups to really shine. The repossessed house would be amazing with a lot of hard work and perspective. We weighed the options, consulted the experts (i.e., inspectors, financiers, and family), and finally decided on the repossessed home.

Nothing is ever perfect and home buying is far from perfect. Several issues arose in my search for a new home. My price range changed several times with my criteria. The availability of properties came and went so quickly that I felt I had missed out on some great opportunities. I had to bid against others for the house I wanted. A last minute paperwork change caused a delay in the closing. During all this, Sandy was by my side, helping me through each problem and roadblock till the matter was resolved and I finally had the house I wanted for the price I had offered.

One of the most amazing things about Sandy is that she stayed on to help me even after I had purchased my new home. The house needed a lot of work; everything from major repairs to new paint and carpet was needed to make the house a home. Sandy put me in contact with contractors, helped plan my purchases, and recommended paint colors to go with all my furniture. She even took the time to show me how to properly trim out and paint a wall. This was an extraordinary step beyond a realtor’s normal commitment. It demonstrates Sandy’s willingness to see that her clients are satisfied with their new homes.

The entire process took approximately four months: two months to find and close on a house and two months to complete the renovations and move in. Sandy and I are still in contact. She checks in from time to time even though her responsibilities as my realtor have long since come to an end. Buying my first house was in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience which I completely attribute to the efforts of Sandy Scallan of Villar and Co. Real-Estate. I am positive that my success and happiness in owning a new home is greatly due to Sandy’s time and commitment to ensuring her clients get exactly what they want.

Thank you Sandy for being my realtor and my friend. You not only helped me find a house but also helped make it a home.

Michael Morimoto, Gonzales, LA 

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Other Recommendations

“I know Sandy as a colleague and as a service provider. She is very personable and works well with all types of people. Sandy cares about helping people (and loves to) and I trust her completely to look after my best interests. Her commitment to learning and her range of experience has given her a wealth of knowledge that she freely shares with her clients. Because of this, the service she is able to provide her clients supercedes that of any other realtor I know. Knowing this, I asked Sandy to consult with me regarding possible renovations to my home and about resale issues. She arrived having thoroughly researched everything that I didn't even realize I needed to know! She not only gave me everything I needed to clarify and define the scope of work I had been struggling with, but she also gave me other options and ideas that I hadn't considered. She is the epitome of "value-added" service and I highly recommend her.”

Elizabeth Tomlinsom


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Sandy is a "go getter." Her high energy and strong work ethic makes things happen! Most assuredly, she is the kind of person you want on your team. And while Sandy cares about getting the job done, she knows that the journey is as important as the goal. She continues to educate herself. She understands that as she grows personally and professionally she develops skills which can contribute to the community.

Phyllis Meyer, Sales and Marketing, P & N Promos

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


“Sandy is an excellent worker and very pleasant to work with. She is very customer oriented and always is mindful of issues that will be in the best interests of her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Sandy to a client or a business seeking her services.”

Sherri Despino, President/CEO, Ascension Chamber of Commerce


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Although Sandy is a very professional businesswoman, you will enjoy her friendly and personal disposition and will quickly notice her determination to satisfy you as her client. You will definely have another friend.”

Ken Firmin, Owner, Acadian Waste Disposal Service 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I worked with Ms. Sandy as a student worker at LSU and have looked up to her ever since. She is one of the most industrious and driven people I know. I value her advice and opinions and admire her leadership abilities. She is a definite go-getter and an absolute asset to any company. I trust her wholeheartedly and will always recommend her services.”

Kimberly Propes Chustz, Louisiana State University, Alumni


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Sandy Scallan is licensed REALTOR® in the State of Louisiana, USA.
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