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Fix-er Upper

May 9th, 2009 12:36 PM by Sandy Scallan

May 8, 2009

My client is buying a bank repo or "fix-er upper".  We met at the house today and picked out colors for paint, and new laminate flooring.  We reviewed the existing fixtures and chose which ones to keep and which to replace.  He's so excited. 

As a first-time home buyer, he has LOTS of questions, but this is such a fun and exciting process, I know others will want to watch as we take this home from "bank repo" to his new home.  He's agreed to let me showcase his home as we go thru the process.

So.... follow us on the blog, as we'll be adding  BEFORE and AFTER photos as we renovate his new home. 

Sandy Scallan

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Posted by Sandy Scallan on May 9th, 2009 12:36 PM

Sandy, What wonderful ideas you share with not only your client, but with everyone else who are interested in your personal achievements! I am so proud of whatever 'pushes you to the limits' on every project you become involved in. Keep me posted on future developments. Wish I were younger...I'd definitely follow in YOUR footsteps. Sally
Posted by SALLY T. HARP on May 9th, 2009 12:50 PM