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Coming soon --- Green Building Project in South Louisiana

July 24th, 2009 1:03 PM by Sandy Scallan

Coming soon ---

Green Building Project in south Louisiana (part of the CRBA (Capital Region Builders Association - Green Building Council)

What's Happening at CRBA


Green Building Program

By: Roy Domangue, CGP, CGB

Green Building Committee Chairman


Recently the Green Building Committee

officially became the CRBA Green

Building Council under the NAHB Green

Building Standards. The mission is to

help others attain and implement a higher

standard of performance in building or

remodeling. Some of the goals that were

set for our program are:

1. To learn how green is defined

2. To build a transportable building that

shares the message of building green.

The building can be used at the Habitat

Show, General Membership Meetings,

Remodelers Council Meetings, LSU

game day events, Earth Day, and any

other time where interested folks want to


3. We are preparing to build three

homes in Ascension Parish. Each home

will be built to one of the three levels of

Green per the NAHB Green Building

Standard. Value driven performance is

the key in selecting the products used to

attain the points needed for each level.

Once built, the homes will be used as

“Field Classrooms” for twelve months for

builders, remodelers, architects, designers,

realtors, mortgage lenders, & appraisers

to view the homes and see how the

products were used to meet the standard.

The Green Building Council will keep

you abreast of the latest changes the Feds

are pushing to increase energy efficiency

in new and existing homes.

We strongly encourage active participation

from all of our members, especially

Remodelers. The volume of work to be

done on existing homes is so much more

than on new. There are many programs

to encourage the expense to get a tax

credit in exchange.

Want to learn more?

watch my website for more details!!!!


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Posted by Sandy Scallan on July 24th, 2009 1:03 PM

A new Green building system announced 7/22/09 replaces wood at the same cost but contributes up to 21 LEED points toward certification. See it at Since Katrina we have been in Louisiana 7 times to find a licensee and set up a plant to build hurricane resistant homes. We are still looking for a reputable potential partner.
Posted by James Antonic on July 25th, 2009 6:50 AM

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